Since 2009 our mission as an online educational publisher has been helping students meet the learning challenges of the future. Over 3,000,000 students have sharpened their math skills since our inception, and every day 100,000 children around the world are having fun and earning prizes as they learn.

We see math skills as the foundation of educational success, and to meet that challenge, our websites are intuitively structured and with smart tools for parents to help and make learning fun. For teachers around the world, Doctor Genius gives teachers is a resource to economically create a powerful,effective and proven learning environment for children one student at a time.

Our team

Marc Sanders
Doctor Genius gives Marc the opportunity to combine his love and gifts for programming with a fierce dedication to helping elementary school students learn, by enhancing and mastering math skills. The company’s websites are designed to make learning fun for students but what’s never forgotten is that learning isn’t a game but serious business.
Joan Sanders
Because every child wants to learn, Joan leads the creation of an educational platform to make learning easier and more effective. Her focus is the development of curriculum and materials that children enjoy, empowering them use Doctor Genius to learn at their pace, focus on their specific needs and to reward them as they become successful.
Jelle de Rooij
Jelle’s passion as a designer is to create things that matter. It shows in a platform that is more than attractive, his thoughtful design makes it functional and useful for students and their parents. At Doctor Genius his important work is showcased in a learning experience that helps students gain math skills as they become more successful and confident.
Michelle Leuveld
For a former elementary school teacher, Doctor Genius is simply an ideal environment to take advantage of her skills as an editor and content developer. Her mission is to create fun, educational materials that children genuinely enjoy. Rich, high-value content that allows students to learn at their own pace, gain confidence and achieve the best possible results.